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CW Power continues GES installations

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Turkey’s and Europe’s largest solar panel manufacturer, CW Power, continues to contribute to a sustainable future with the solar power plants it has installed.

ANTALYA (IGFA) – Stating that they have continued to produce with the endless power of the sun since the day they were established, CW Power CEO Volkan Yılmaz said that they are working with the aim of leaving a greener and more livable world to the future with pure power.

Stating that they have introduced many investors to solar power systems in this direction, Yılmaz said, “We are working with an experienced team to provide quality service to SPP investors at every stage of the business. Companies operating in many different regions of Turkey generate their own electricity with the solar power panels we have installed and benefit from the nature-friendly sun. In this way, we, as CW Power, are contributing to the pure power transformation, which has become very valuable for our world.”

Indicating that the interest in renewable power sources in Turkey has gained a valuable momentum especially in recent years, Yılmaz noted that the sun comes to the fore with its many advantages in the midst of renewable power sources.

The company has equipped the roof of a company operating in Konya with a solar power plant. In the project, a solar power plant with a power of 2939 kWp was completed on the roof of the company.

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