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Cryptocurrencies could be legalized as a payment system in Russia

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Russia has signaled new regulation on the use of cryptocurrencies.

Russian Industry and Trade Minister Denis Manturov made evaluations about the use of cryptocurrencies in Russia in his speech at the event called New Horizons held in the capital Moscow.

On the question of whether cryptocurrencies will be legalized as a payment system, Manturov said, “I think it will be legalized. The real question here is how and when, how it will be regulated.” he said he

Indicating that the Russian government and the Central Bank of Russia are working hard on this issue, Manturov said, “Everyone understands that time demands it, it will happen sooner or later.” he used the term.

Manturov underlined that the process of using cryptocurrencies as a payment system should be implemented entirely in accordance with the legislation to be determined by the Central Bank of Russia.

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