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Creator of ChatGPT: My biggest concern is the possibility of harming the world

USATestifying before Senate Judiciary subcommittee ChatGPTdeveloped by OpenAiChief Executive Officer (CEO) Samuel Harris Altman, Regarding the problems that may occur if ChatGPT is not limited by legal regulations, “My biggest fear is that we as a tech industry could do significant damage to the world. I think it can happen in many different ways.”made its assessment.

“As with all technological revolutions, I expect a significant impact on employment, but what exactly that impact looks like is very difficult to predict.”Says Altman, ChatGPT technology “It can go to very bad places”expressed his foresight and warned the Senate.

According to the newspaper Oxygen, Samuel Harris Altman, speaking about the growing popularity of ChatGPT and the positive and negative possibilities of artificial intelligence, acknowledged that the government should step in to ensure these changes are managed.

In the 3-hour meeting, Altman advised the US Senators to establish an independent mechanism to conduct licensing audits of artificial intelligence technologies, and stated that this would allow a set of security standards, including the assessment of their dangerous capabilities, to be established.

In this way, Altman “since they cannot self-replicate and reproduce and move on their own”He said he can be sure.

Speaking at the committee meeting, some senators also warned about corporate cooperation in the artificial intelligence market, pointing to the problems that will be faced if a small number of technology companies dominate this sector.

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