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Covid-19 restrictions completely lifted in Czechia

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The proposal to lift Covid-19 restrictions in Czechia was accepted in the House of Representatives.

The proposed changes to the current pandemic law were voted on in the 200-seat House of Representatives.

In the voting, all restrictions applied in the country were lifted, with 159 members voting in favor.

With the change, the obligation to wear masks, which was previously removed in all closed areas and public transportation vehicles in the country, ends in hospitals, pharmacies, nursing homes and all other health institutions.

Czech Minister of Health Vlastimil Valek said in a statement, “We have removed the obligation to wear a mask, but wearing a mask is still a very good protective measure for us. Let’s not forget that Covid-19 can still kill people. That’s why I invite everyone to get vaccinated,” he said.


While everyone in Czechia had the right to have a free PCR test once a month, with the new decision, free PCR tests will be paid by the state only if the family doctor requests it.

While 1,372 new corona virus cases were detected in the last 24 hours in Czechia, the total number of incidents increased to 3 million 909 thousand 167. There has been no loss of life from the corona virus in the last 24 hours in the country. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 epidemic, a total of 40,184 people have died in Czechia.

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