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The central exam within the scope of the High School Transition System (LGS) for 8th grade students will be held by the Ministry of National Education (MEB) tomorrow.

ANKARA (IGFA) – The exam will be held on Sunday, June 5, 2022, in Turkey and abroad, at 09:30 in the first session and at 11:30 in the second session, Turkey time.

Students will be able to learn the exam entrance place, hall, sequence number and, if any, exam precaution service information via the e-School Parent Information System. Exam entry documents with photographs will be taken and approved by the school directorates electronically and will be made available in the exam hall. Students will not do a random process.

When students come to the exam, they must bring their valid identity documents; (Identity card with Turkish identity number or Turkish identity card or passport with validity period, photo and stamped identity document issued by the Ministry of Interior General Directorate of Migration Management for foreign students).

The exam consists of 2 (two) sessions. First session verbal area will be 75 minutes, second session numerical area will be 80 minutes. Exam, the first session is in the verbal area; Turkish, Turkish Republic, History of Revolution and Kemalism, Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge and Foreign Language; The second session will include Mathematics and Science courses in the numerical field.

First Session Verbal Area; 20 questions in Turkish, 10 questions on the History of Turkish Revolution and Kemalism, 10 questions on Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge, 10 questions in Foreign Language, a total of 50 questions, Second Session Digital Area; Mathematics will be in the form of 20 questions, Science 20 questions, a total of 40 questions.

Students who are exempt from the subtest of the foreign language course, the total exam time in the oral session (first session) is 80 minutes, the students who are exempt from the subtest of the Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge course, the total exam time in the oral session (first session) is 80 minutes Students who are exempt from the subtest of the Foreign Language and Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge courses will have a total exam time of 65 minutes in the oral session (first session).

The total exam time in the oral session (first session) of the students who are exempted from the Religious Culture and Moral Knowledge course will be 60 minutes. In order for students with hearing impairment, intellectual disability or autism spectrum disorder to be exempt from the Foreign Language course test and their information to be processed in the MEBBİS-RAM Module, this situation must be notified to the school directorate where the student is registered .

Exam results will be announced on the internet address ​​on 30 June 2022. Exam result documents will not be sent to the students by mail.

Objections to questions, answer keys and results can be made on the official website of ÖDSGM (within 5 (five) working days at the latest after the questions, response keys and results are published on the website https:/ / It can be made electronically from the e-appeal section located at In order to examine the objections made in the electronic environment, one of the branches of TC Ziraat Bankası, Türkiye Vakıflar Bankası and Türkiye Halk Bankası, through the “Corporate Collection Program” or ATM, internet banking or from the branch; An objection price of 30 TL (including VAT) must be deposited via credit cards of all banks at

In order for students receiving home or hospital education services to be provided with an examination measure based on their disability, the address where the students will be taken to the examination must be reported to the school directorate where the student is registered, by the parents/guardians, and to the relevant RAM by the school directorate. RAM directorates will send the exam precaution service decision for the student and the address information where the student will be taken to the exam to the General Directorate of Assessment, Evaluation and Exam Services through the provincial/district national education directorates.

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