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Cooperation between Kadıköy Municipality and TEV

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Kadıköy Municipality and Turkish Education Foundation (TEV) started the “Okutan Kadıköy” project to provide equal opportunities in education to young people. With the project, 1000 university students residing in Kadıköy and struggling to continue their education due to financial reasons will be given a scholarship basis until the end of the year. Kadıköy Municipality Leader Şerdil Dara Odabaşı invited the residents of Kadıköy and said, “I invite all our neighbors from here to be a pillar of this project. Come, join this project with your neighbors in your apartment and provide a free scholarship basis for university students.”

KADIKÖY İGFA- With the Okutan Kadıköy Project, the residents of the Kadıköy apartments will provide free education support for 9 months to 1000 university students residing in the district and having difficulty continuing their education due to financial reasons. For the apartments that want to participate in the project, a scholarship fund will be created in the Turkish Education Foundation for the name of the relevant apartment. The foundations accumulated in the scholarship fund will be given to students as scholarships by the Turkish Education Foundation.

Kadıköy Municipality, district headmen, Kadıköy Municipality Volunteers and residents of the district jointly implemented the Okutan Kadıköy Project, in cooperation with the Turkish Education Foundation, was announced at a press conference. Kadıköy Municipality Leader Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, Turkish Education Foundation Administrative Council Leader Prof. Dr. Together with Mehmet Şükrü Tekbaş, mukhtars from Kadıköy and Kadıköy Volunteers participated.


Kadıköy Municipality Leader Şerdil Dara Odabaşı gave information about the project and said, “We have young friends who are trying to study and hold on to life through thousands of impossibilities. Presumably, even if we touch an individual with this project, it is a source of pride for us, for Kadıköy, and for the people of Kadıköy. As of today, we are always working together to support university students in our country, to improve their living conditions to some extent, and to offer them a more livable life. Today, we are always starting a new social reinforcement movement for university students residing in Kadıköy or studying in Kadıköy.

Continuing to say, “We are starting the Okutan Kadıköy Project with the aim of supporting our youth and offering a more livable life opportunity”, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı said: in this project; With the support of our neighbors from Kadıköy, we provide scholarships to university students. From here, I invite all our neighbors to support this project. Come, join this project with your neighbors in your apartment and provide free scholarships to university students. I am sure; The people of Kadıköy will heed my invitation and we will provide scholarships to at least 1000 students until the end of the year. Because Kadıköy is the Republic. Because this is our debt to the young people who will raise the Republic and keep it alive. This is exactly why I repeat once more: More Solidarity, More Republic, More Kadıköy.”


Turkish Education Foundation Board Leader Prof. Dr. Mehmet Şükrü Tekbaş said, “Education is the biggest investment in human beings. Education is a right. We believe that education is very valuable in catching up with the contemporary civilizations drawn by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Being aware of this, the Turkish Education Foundation has provided equal opportunities in education to all young people until today. The Turkish Education Foundation is leading the way in raising the generations that will carry Turkey into the next centuries. Our aim is to provide more young people with the opportunity to read, to touch their lives and to give them this opportunity. Thanks to our esteemed donors and wealthy people, our number of donors is increasing day by day. I take great heart from your being here, your contribution to education and your belief in education. It was very meaningful for us to jointly carry out such a project and to initiate such a project. I sincerely want other following to follow this path,” he said.

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