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Controversial law in the USA: Teachers will receive weapons training

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Armed raids in the USA are one of the main agenda items of the capital Washington.

Ten Republican Senators agreed in principle to write a bill to reduce personal armament.

in the draft; It is expected that there will be elements such as tightening the security investigation, raising the age to buy weapons to 21, and supporting mental health programs.

If Republican senators hold the ground, the bill will be passed into law in a few weeks.


Bills being discussed at the federal level in Washington aim to eliminate the causes of gun attacks. A law enacted in the state of Ohio aims to strengthen defenses instead.

According to the news of Tuna Ulu from TRT Haber, the bill, which facilitates the armament of teachers and school officials, was signed by Ohio Governor Mike DeWine and materialized.

The law stipulates that teachers and school staff to be determined by the local school committee can acquire a gun by receiving 18 hours of general education and 2 hours of pistol training.

The law, which basically envisages more arms sales for defense rather than stopping armed raids, is not supported by school councils and unions.

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