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Congratulatory statement from Mehmet Savran to the police

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City Leader Dr. Mehmet Savran visited the Nevşehir Municipality Police Department due to the 196th anniversary of the organization and the Police Week. Savran, who chatted with the directors and workers of the Police Department for a while, congratulated the Police Week and congratulated the successes of the police worker in the Nevşehir Municipality Police Department, and the entire police organization, which continues its mission for the peace and health of our citizens all over our country. wished.

Stating that the police groups working for the peace of the society are the visible face of the municipality at the same time, Savran said, “The work you do is very sacred. You serve day and night to ensure the health, peace, security and flow of life in the best way possible. I would like to thank you for your efforts in making pleasantries in every part of our city and preventing mishaps. May God allow us to serve our nation together.” he said he.

Deputy leaders Mustafa Alevli, Nafiz Dirikoç, Ersin Erol and Furkan Feralan also attended Mayor Savran’s visit to the Constabulary Directorate.

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