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Congratulation to 8 members from Bursa TB

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Bursa TB Administrative Council Leader and TOBB Board Member Özer Matlı congratulated 8 companies that are members of the Bursa Commodity Exchange, which is located in the middle of Turkey’s largest industrial organizations announced by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

BURSA (IGFA) – The results of the ‘500 Largest Industrial Enterprises of Turkey’ research, which has become a classic by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry (ISO), for 2021 have been determined. According to the research, sales of Turkey’s 500 largest industrial enterprises from production reached TL 2.05 trillion in 2021 with an increase of 73.8 percent compared to the previous year. While TÜPRAŞ ranked first in the ISO 500 list with 136.8 billion liras in sales from production, Ford Automotive ranked second with 67.3 billion liras this year. Star Refinery, on the other hand, ranked third in the list of Turkey’s largest industrial enterprises, with sales of 55.2 billion liras from production. Last year, 26 companies from Bursa were included in the list, and this year, 22 companies took place.

Bursa Commodity Exchange (Bursa TB) Administrative Board Leader and Turkish Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges (TOBB) Board Member Özer Matlı, who made the research results of ‘Turkey’s Top 500 Industrial Enterprises’ announced by ISO invaluable, is from Bursa. He stated that in addition to the chamber to which 8 of the companies are affiliated, he also has a membership in the stock exchange due to the purchase and sale of works in the Bursa Commodity Exchange listing. Leader Matlı, who stated that it is pleasing that the number of Bursa TB member companies, which was 6 in ISO 500 in 2020, has increased to 8 this year, said, “Despite the crisis in the global economy due to the pandemic, SÜTAŞ is 77th, Pro Yem 117th, Korteks 124th, The success of Almaxtex Weaving as the 189th, Hapvuk 231st, Harput Weaving 439th, Akbaşlar Weaving 462nd and Göliplik Şeremet Tekstil’s 463rd place on the list has proven once again that Bursa is one of the most valuable industrial cities of our country.


Noting that Bursa companies on the list increased their sales from production by 48.7 percent in 2021, Leader Özer Matlı said, “The global economic crisis caused by the pandemic Despite the power, supply and logistics problems, our companies have made valuable contributions to the economy of our city and country with their production, exports, added value and employment. should not be overlooked. On this occasion, the administrative councils of our companies, which are located in the middle of Turkey’s giant industrial establishments; I especially congratulate all its managers and employees and wish their success to continue to increase”.

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