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Concentration camp accusation from the USA to Russia

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Jean-Pierre, at the daily press conference at the White House, said that a session was held today in the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) on Russia’s assimilation campaigns.

Stating that the Kremlin has moves to imprison Ukrainians and force them to migrate, Jean-Pierre said, “We have intelligence that Russia has concentration camps in eastern Ukraine and western Russia, where it arrests, interrogates and sometimes abuses thousands of Ukrainians.” he used his word.

Pointing out that these camps were also reflected in the news in the American media, Jean-Pierre said, “Today, our Permanent Representative to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, will present the report to the UNSC that the names of the Russian government conducted and observed these assimilation operations. Russian government officials, the names of the Ukrainians to be targeted. takes it out.” she said.

Stating that these moves of the Kremlin are part of the steps to annex Ukraine, Jean-Pierre said, “Today, Thomas-Greenfield will invite Russia to end assimilation operations as soon as possible. organizations will be allowed to enter these camps.” he said.

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