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‘Common life’ thank you letter

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He is the 23rd member of the Finite Responsible Reader Environment Culture and Business Cooperative, which was established in 1999 with the readers of our newspaper to meet the common needs of the Cumhuriyet District, to ensure their lives in a healthy, clean and contemporary environment, and to engage in all kinds of activities to meet their cultural and artistic needs and their information needs. Ordinary General Council Meeting was held at İlhan Selçuk Kırevi in ​​Cumhuriyet District.

After the meeting, the letter of thanks sent by the Cumhuriyet Foundation to the Founders of Koop-C and Cumhuriyet Mahallesi was given to the Koop-C administration by our author Erdal Atabek. In the letter, “Our campus, which we created together with our newspaper Cumhuriyet and our readers, has been developing since 1999. Our participation in Life symbolizes a pleasant togetherness in peace and solidarity. Together with our stakeholder organization Koop-C, we become stronger. We would like to express our gratitude to everyone who participated in this common life, worked hard and united for a pleasant future.”

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