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‘Clean’ awareness in DEVA Mudanya… It started its cleanness from its own streets

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In the Mudanya district of Bursa, Dr. DEVA Party, chaired by Dilek Durak, gave an awareness statement on World Environment Day with a different activity.

BURSA (IGFA) – DEVA Party Mudanya District Leader Dr. Dilek Durak and her administration took their brooms and swept in front of their doors in Ali Fuat Paşa Sokak, Halitpaşa Mahallesi, where the party building is located.

The residents of the street accompanied by the awareness event of the party members, who gave the message that “if everyone sweeps in front of their door, all the streets will be clean”.

Stating that they cleaned the front of the shops on the street where the party building is on the occasion of World Environment Day, District Leader Dilek Durak said that they want Mudanya and Bursa to be clean in order to keep the public’s awareness high about not polluting the environment and not throwing garbage on the ground. Leader Durak said, “When we all have environmental consciousness, every place will turn into heaven,” said Leader Durak, “As Mustafa Kemal Atatürk said, nature protects us as long as we protect nature and the environment. Because tomorrow’s nature is created from today. ‘ he said.

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