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Clash between natives and settlers in Nicaragua 4 killed

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Near the Caribbean coast of the Central American country Nicaragua, 4 people lost their lives in the land conflict between the natives and the settlers.

Environmental group Del Rio Foundation Leader Amaru Ruiz said in a statement that local president Transito Melgara and his son Terlin Melgara died in a conflict with settlers in Sukatpin, a Miskito community in the Twi Waupasa region.

Ruiz said that two of the settlers who started the conflict lost their lives and that at least 3,000 locals have been forcibly removed from their lands in Nicaragua since 2015.

The leader of the Mayangna indigenous community, Salomon Lopez Smith, was also killed in a raid in March. Many Miskito and Mayangna Indians lost their lives in attacks in the Bosawas region last year.

Activists say that in the areas where the indigenous people live, there is not enough effort to resolve the issues.



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