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Civil disobedience actions continue in Armenia

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The Armenian opposition, which is disturbed by the steps of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan in foreign policy, continues its “civil disobedience” movements, demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Pashinyan since 2 May.

From this date on, demonstrators gathered in many cities, especially in the capital Yerevan, and broke out at intervals. While the police immediately intervened to the demonstrators who blocked the roads and tried to walk to the parliament building, precedent images were once again seen on the streets of Yerevan in the morning. Opponents, who took to the streets in clusters, chanted slogans and pulled garbage containers onto the roads. Some of the activists who stopped the vehicle crossings sat on the road, while others tried to create barriers. While the police quickly intervened in the roadblocks that started in many streets and avenues, the activists tried to resist the police.


Despite the clashes, the demonstrators who tried to reach the parliament building and set up barricades on the roads were detained by the police.

While hundreds of protesters were loaded into vehicles and taken to the police station, the police increased security measures at many points. The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Armenia announced that 286 demonstrators have been detained so far during the interventions in the road blockade actions that started in the morning. The Armenian opposition bloc, on the other hand, called the Armenian people to the squares and streets again during the day and asked them to continue their protests.

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