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City and Democracy Association organized a ‘drugs and lost generations’ panel in İzmir

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Element addiction was discussed in the panel titled “The burning social problem of our cities, drugs and lost generations” organized by the City and Democracy Association in İzmir.

The event held at the Alsancak Türkan Saylan Cultural Center was attended by city council members, representatives of political parties and non-governmental organizations, and neighborhood headmen, as well as experts. TÜRK-İŞ Aegean Region Representative Hayrettin Çakmak shared striking findings and said, “Why did we get into this situation? While our youth was reading a book in the 1980s, we can see that in our country, where a pack of cigarettes is 30 liras and a beer is 20 liras, a synthetic pill is also sold for 1015 liras. We tell employers in our factories. Let’s do a drug test now. Today, there is an alcohol test in traffic, but no drug test. Now is the time to do this. If a pill is sold for 15 liras, it is necessary to make portable groups and test our citizens and youth. Otherwise, we will not be able to prevent it,” he said.

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