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Citizenship is excluded from the scope of change of name and surname! Fixed most ‘Top’ surnames

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The General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Processes of the Ministry of Interior made a public statement regarding the decision to change the name and surname after the statements of some deputies. Underlining that individuals who subsequently acquired Turkish citizenship are ‘out of scope’, the most corrected names and surnames were also included in the statement.

ANKARA (IGFA) – General Directorate of Population and Citizenship Processes, with the amendments made in 2017 and 2019 in the ‘Population Services Law’, there is a spelling mistake in the name or surname or the meaning changes caused by the use of a correction mark, which is not suitable for general morality and is ridiculous by the society. It had previously been announced that individuals, who were paid, were allowed to change their names and surnames for once, without seeking a court decision, if they applied to the district population directorate, foreign representations or e-Government.


In the statement, it was stated that the name and surname changes were made under the specified conditions without a court decision, and it was underlined that some deputies had misled the public regarding the issue in recent days.

Noting that even illogical associations were made the implementation of the regulation, such as rescuing FETO members and granting citizenship to foreigners, the statement said, “Only individuals who are Turkish citizens by birth can benefit from the said regulation. Individuals who subsequently acquire Turkish citizenship are out of the scope.”

It has been emphasized that 298 thousand 670 people have changed their surnames so far, while 134 thousand 818 people have corrected their names with the application, which has been in force for about 5 years, reducing the workload of the courts and providing convenience to our citizens.


Within the scope of the applications made to the district population directorates throughout the country; While 946 Yunis became ‘Yunus’, 588 Ümit ‘Hope’, 770 Memet ‘Mehmet’, 340 Abubekir ‘Abubekir’, 298 Ferat ‘Ferhat’, 218 Coşkun ‘Coşkun’.

The most corrected surnames in this middle are 6,550 ‘Top’, 3,531 ‘Sheep’, 2,432 ‘Sold’, 2,115 ‘Coskun’, 2.17 ‘Jack’, 1,830 ‘Crazy’, 1729 ‘Uguz’ became ‘Light’ in 1707 , ‘Naked’ in 1695, ‘Blind’ in 1442.

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