Business is booming.

Citizens waited in line to buy cheap sugar in Gaziantep.

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In Gaziantep’s Nurdağı district, citizens queued up in front of the sales shop to buy cheap granulated sugar.

Low-income citizens, who heard that sugar would be sold below the market price, waited in line for hours. Hasan Şencan, a member of the Şahinbey Municipality Council from CHP, wrote about the cheap candy queue from his social media account, “While they should have a happy Sunday breakfast with the family of people in Gaziantep on Sunday, they are in the queue for cheap candy. Look at your work” he shared with the note. CHP Şahinbey Municipal Council Member Uğur Kalkan also shared the images of Kuryuk: “The queue to buy 5 kilos of cheap sugar in Nurdağı on Sunday, early in the morning. Whatever you condemned, you made this country experience exactly the same and even more.”

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