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Citizens in search of ‘diesel from waste oil’: Fuel production at home

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With an increase of more than 250 percent in the last year and the liter price of 26 TL, diesel fuel also triggers increases in all consumer goods, from needle to thread, due to the wide area of ​​use.

Vehicle owners, who formed long queues at gas stations during the “automatic” increases in the autumn of 2021, can no longer approach the pump. While the filling consumption of a tank exceeds 1000 TL, the citizen who is looking for a cure to keep the ignition on, tied his hope to “fuel oil production at home”. The number of images titled “biodiesel production at home” published on the video sharing platform YouTube in the last period has increased. “Can I produce too?” Saying that, the increase in the number of viewers of the images in question draws attention. There are images that have been released in the last few months and have knocked over half a million views.


Publishers sharing the images in question draw attention to the “danger of the chemical process and the material used”, and also warn that the biodiesel fuel obtained may cause “damage to new generation vehicle engines”. According to the information in the images, “methyl alcohol and the sink opener used during the said process should not be touched with bare hands”. It is emphasized that waste oil, which rises to high temperatures, “may cause serious injury” if it comes into contact with the human body. If the obtained fuel is not separated from the glycerin, warnings are made that it may “damage the vehicle’s engine” and “cause malfunctions with high repair costs”. However, it is noted that the use of the fuel in question in tractors and old-style diesel engines known as ‘black order’ will not cause a problem. It is noted in the footage that “biodiesel production is not prohibited”, but that if the fuel obtained is a matter of trade, it may be subject to the accusation of “fuel smuggling”.


Pointing out the high taxes on alcohol and cigarettes, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said, “We are constantly increasing it. However, he is astonished, he travels miserably, but he does not hesitate to buy it”. The high taxes that the government has applied to the works that are the subject of speech for years are being paid for pushing the production in this field “under the stairs”. On the other hand, illegal and alcoholic beverages, which attract attention due to their low prices, cause many citizens to lose their sight or their lives.

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