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Citgo reaction from Venezuelan President Maduro to the USA and the opposition

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that the US administration looted the money of Citgo, the American subsidiary of Venezuelan state oil company PDVSA, with the help of the opposition.

Speaking on the “More with Maduro” program, Maduro said that the US has extorted billions of dollars belonging to Venezuela with the extremist opposition in the country.

Calling for unity to the Venezuelan people, Maduro said, “We have fought a tremendous struggle to get back the goods stolen from Venezuela in the world. We have witnessed perverted events against our national sovereignty, economic and oil sovereignty. What was stolen from the Citgo company is simply disgraceful. All Venezuelans must raise their voices against the USA. must now say ‘stop’ to looting and robbery. Citgo belongs to Venezuelans.” used the phrase.

Pointing out that the far-right opposition that participated in the dialogue process in Mexico was behind the money stolen from the Citgo company, Maduro noted that billions of dollars were stolen belonging to PDVSA.

Recalling the importance of Citgo for Venezuelans, Maduro said, “Citgo is a company with more than 10 thousand gas stations and 3 powerful refineries. It is a super corporation owned by Venezuelans. We cannot accept that it is plundered, robbed and taken from Venezuela by the empire that imposes the rules of the game beyond international law. ” said.

Fighting Covid-19

Pointing out that they are one of the countries that have fought against the disease most successfully despite the economic sanctions during the Kovid-19 epidemic, Maduro stated that they have overcome the epidemic thanks to the vaccines they received from China, Russia and Cuba.

Referring to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Maduro stated that they support the diplomatic initiatives of China and Brazil.

Maduro, in his statements at various times, stated that he did not look forward to returning to negotiations with the opposition, and that his country’s resources confiscated in international banks had not yet been delivered.

The United States gave control of the Venezuelan state’s currency to the opposition

On April 26, Maduro said, “All sanctions must be lifted without any conditions. We want the $3.2 billion agreed with the opposition and confiscated by the United States to be released and transferred to the social investment fund.” had evaluated.

Citgo’s accounts were seized

The US, which did not accept Maduro’s legitimacy, gave control of the accounts of PDVSA and Citgo to former National Assembly President Juan Guaido, who declared himself interim president in Venezuela, on January 29, 2019.

In his statement on the same day, Maduro said, “They want to steal Citgo from Venezuelans with these sanctions decisions. Thus, we understand that the aim of the USA is to seize the riches of Venezuela. Venezuela” We will give the United States the necessary legal response to protect its interests.” he said.

Noting that approximately 75 percent of PDVSA’s cash is in the United States, experts commented that this means that the authority to use oil accounts, which is the cornerstone of the Venezuelan economy, passes to Guiado.

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