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CHP members gave voice to fig producers’ revolt in Bursa

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BURSA (IGFA) -CHP Bursa Provincial Leader İsmet Karaca, together with Bursa Deputy Nurhayat Altaca Kayışoğlu, visited Seçköy in Osmangazi district.

This year, black fig producers, whose purchase prices were low, were troubled by costs, and reacted to the government’s agricultural policies.

Producers, grieving that the weight of exported black figs decreased to 10 liras and the amount of figs consumed in the domestic market to 3-4 liras, underlined that they could not pay their debts with the profit they obtained.

Saying that he filled the tank of his tractor with 17 kilos of fig money last year, and gave 177 kilos of figs for one-to-one diesel this year, producer Osman Çakır said, “Isn’t it a pity for the farmer’s labor , is it a sin for this nation? This problem stems from the incompetent individuals at the beginning of the mission. If we have a Minister of Agriculture, this is the result,” he said.

CHP Bursa Provincial Leader İsmet Karaca pointed out that black fig is a Bursa brand and said, “In Bursa, from here to Taşpınar of Mustafakemalpaşa, black figs are the pearl of Bursa. Isn’t it a shame? “None of these things are good for us. The black fig, which is the brand of Bursa, goes to the Queen of England. From Selcukgazi, from here. Our Minister of Agriculture did not deal with this matter properly, I’m sure they are not even aware of it. This is the process. But I hope this will be the shortest time.” process will be left behind,” he said.

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