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CHP deputies followed Rize closely

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CHP Istanbul Deputy Turan Aydoğan and Army Deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel, who came together with NGO representatives and the public for two days in Rize and its districts, shared with the press the information they learned about their trip to Rize.

Ajans Pazar / RİZE (İGFA) – Speaking at the press conference held by the CHP Rize Provincial Presidency, Provincial Leader Saltuk Deniz said that Rize will not only remain the capital of tea, that democracy and the tradition of living together are heavy in political agreements , and that there are not too many political discussions. He noted that they will transform it into a province that can be translated into any language.


Istanbul Deputy Turan Aydoğan, who said that a shell change in Rize is the subject of speech, stated that the visits to Rize are not limited to them, and that these visits will always continue, “There is a demand for Rize’s economics desk by Rize’s economic dynamics. Together with 22 of our friends, under the leadership of Faik Öztrak, we will organize a meeting in harmony with our leader, if the time is appropriate. different,” he said.

Stating that they will also follow the troubles they see in Rize, Aydoğan said, “We have seen that the central government has made victims of emergency expropriation and even interferes with the law. We need to be with them. Although the scores of our young people who applied for a job in the middle of İşkur and ÇAYKUR are high, it is not enough when there are very easy inquiries that cannot be made in fact. “We have seen that there is discrimination against the diplomas that will be seen to be accepted by saying that you are not suitable for this announcement. We will follow all of them,” he said.

In this midst, Army Deputy Mustafa Adıgüzel stated that they care about Rize and said that they always disclose to the public both the proposal for the law and the reports submitted to the General Presidency, especially regarding tea agriculture.

Stating that during the visits, Rize had questions about what could be the problems other than tea, Adıgüzel said, “We sought answers to questions such as what is the potential of the region related to beekeeping, especially in the Chambers of Agriculture, can something else be done about kiwi. What could be the tourism potential for Rize? We are trying to see these here. What is Rize’s new problem in this regard? Can patients easily access health care? Can pharmacies find every drug? We look at them. ” he said.

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