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China ranks second in the world in data computing

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Data investment is on the rise in China.

according to the information announced by the Ministry of Industry and Informatics of China; With the prestige of the end of 2021, the number of mega or large-scale information centers used in the country has exceeded 450.

With this effect, the annual average rate of increase in China’s data computing power has exceeded 30 percent in the last 5 years.

With more than 19 million servers in data computing centers, China has become the second in the world in terms of data computing power.

Experts believe that this developing data power will have a positive impact on the digital economy as well.


The share of digital economy in Gross Domestic Product in China rose from 21 percent to 40 percent. While it is thought that China’s developing data calculation speed will accelerate the digital economy, its share in domestic product is expected to increase even more.


In addition, China is directing its data computing centers to the western parts of the country. On the one hand, China aims to prepare a place for the green-friendly and low-carbon development of the sector, on the other hand, it aims to contribute to the revival of the regional economy.

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