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China conducts exercises around the island in retaliation for US foothold in Taiwan

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In a statement, Xi Yi, spokesman of the Eastern Front Command of the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA), said in a statement that “a joint emergency patrol and realistic combat exercise with the participation of different military elements and forces was held in the waters around Taiwan.”

Noting that the exercise was “a warning against the recent collaborative activities of the US and Taiwanese separatists,” Xi said, “Taiwan is part of China, and the soldiers of the front command have the determination and ability to thwart any separatist attempts by foreign powers and Taiwan independence forces. ” said.

Stating that the words and actions of the USA on the Taiwan issue are not the same, and that the Taiwan independence forces are always encouraged, Xi said, “This is a hypocritical attitude and a futile effort; it will only make the situation more dangerous and the USA will have to face the important consequences of this.” used the terms.

Defense Ministry Spokesperson Tan Kıfey also stated that the exercise around Taiwan aims to retaliate against cooperation in the midst of the US and Taiwan separatists, and is necessary to protect national security and territorial integrity. ” made its assessment.

Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Wang Vinbin said at the daily press conference, “The US hurting the separatist activities of Taiwan independence forces in an open and covert form will not only lead to irreparable consequences in China-US ties, but the US will also pay an unbearable price.”

US President Biden, in a statement the previous day, had stated that his country would defend Taiwan militarily if China attacked. Biden used the words, “We agree on the one-China policy. We signed it, and all subsequent agreements were made on this basis. However, the idea that Taiwan can be taken by force, this is not appropriate at all.”

The US leader asked a journalist, “For obvious reasons, you did not want to be militarily involved in the Ukraine conflict. If it comes to that, are you willing to intervene militarily to defend Taiwan?” Biden answered the question “yes” and added that they had made a commitment in this direction before.

Although Biden’s words later stepped back and emphasized that “the United States is dependent on the only Chinese element”, it led to comments that Washington abandoned its policy of “strategic uncertainty” regarding Taiwan.

The Beijing administration had reacted to Biden’s statements.


After the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) led by Mao Zedong seized power in 1949 and declared the establishment of the People’s Republic of China in the civil war that broke out after the Second World War in China, members of the Chinese Nationalist Party (Kuomintag) led by Chiang Kai-shek came to Taiwan. He settled in Turkey and declared independence, claiming that the “Republic of China” power, established in 1912, continued on the Island.

Although this initiative was not accepted by China, Taiwan representatives represented in China in the United Nations (UN) General Council until 1971. Taiwan’s position in international organizations in the 1950s and 1960s, after the Beijing government was accepted as the sole legal representative of China, in the UN General Assembly vote in 1971, after many countries changed their diplomatic interest preference from the Republic of China to the People’s Republic of China. had become unknown.

The Beijing administration, adopting the “One China” principle, argues that Taiwan is the module of its territory. In addition to its military presence in and around the strait, China opposes Taiwan’s independent diplomatic relations with the world, its representation in the UN and other international organizations.

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