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Children in Nevşehir told about Cappadocia

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The book titled “Cappadocia with the Pen of Our Children”, which consists of poems and stories competing in the “Cappadocia” contest organized by the Nevşehir Municipality in the middle of primary and secondary school students, has been published.

Nevşehir Municipality Directorate of Culture and Social Affairs organized a poetry and story competition with the subject of ‘Cappadocia’ within the scope of the Children’s Book Fair and Children’s Festival program, which was organized on the occasion of April 23 National Sovereignty and Children’s Day.

Hundreds of children who continue their education in primary and secondary schools in Nevşehir participated in the race, which attracted great attention with the Children’s Book Fair held for the first time in Nevşehir, and told the region they live in with poems and stories.

The works participating in the competition were collected in a book by the Nevşehir Municipality Culture and Social Affairs Directorate after the evaluation of the delegation.

Nevşehir Municipality Leader Dr. Nevşehir Municipality Leader stated that the books containing stories and poems, all of which are the works of valuable students, have started to be distributed in schools. Mehmet Savran congratulated all students and teachers who participated in the competition and contributed to the preparation of this book.

As Nevşehir Municipality, one of their top priorities is the “full support to education” project, Savran noted that they care to contribute to schools and students as much as they can .

Savran said, “Although we carry out the main duties of the municipality quickly, our work in the sense of social municipality continues. We are aware that today’s publication should have an understanding of serving their city and people in all areas, not only in areas such as road, pavement, infrastructure and superstructure works, and we carry out our work in this form. Dear compatriots; Together with our entire team, we continue to work tirelessly to serve you. Your ideas are very valuable to us. The door of our municipality is always open to you. Our only aim is; is to serve for the growing and developing Nevşehir. You have no doubt that we will continue our work within the framework of social and moral responsibility. Everything for you, everything for a more pleasant Nevşehir.

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