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‘Cervical cancer’ poses a threat to men too

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Cervical cancer, which is the 4th most common type of cancer among women in the world, poses a great threat to men as well. Scientific research shows that 40 percent of men in the world have HPV. In a study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information, the detection of HPV in more than 65 percent of 1,160 men reveals the danger posed by this disease.

Men whose spouses have been diagnosed with cervical cancer are the most at risk. According to studies, the incidence of HPV in this segment can reach up to 75%.

Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Miraç Turan said, “HPV virus can manifest itself with warts in the genital area in the first place in men. It can cause cancers of the anus, penis and mouth and larynx. As in all types of cancer, a strong immune system plays a leading role in clearing the HPV virus from the body. Early diagnosis and true treatment methods create promising results. Studies show that 75 percent of men completely clear the virus in 1 year. In cases where warts do not turn into cancer, they continue to be contagious with their carrier identity.


Pointing out that it is of great importance to inform patients about the diagnosis and treatment of genital warts, Op. Dr. Miraç Turan said, “The social and spiritual effects of the HPV virus, which poses a danger to physical health, are as dangerous as cancer! Genital warts can turn men’s lives into a nightmare due to the finite diagnosis and treatment, repetitive nature and misinformation of patients. More than one of the social issues stems from the lack of knowledge. These troubles can even turn sexual interest into a phobia. However, the treatment methods carried out by a urologist who are experts in his field, eliminate these problems by keeping patients away from information pollution. Experts who make the patient feel comfortable and adopt the principle of secrecy are guiding in overcoming social problems.


Stating that the treatment of genital warts is a long process that includes diagnosis, treatment and after, Urology Specialist Op. Dr. Mirac Turan made the following assessment:

“With local anesthesia cryotherapy and cauterization methods, warts can be burned and their progression can be stopped. However, this does not mean that warts will not recur. Depending on the strength of the virus and the immune system, warts can recur. Strengthening the immune system, avoiding cigarettes and alcohol if possible, adopting a healthy diet and systematic sleep habits play a major role in the treatment. Although these criteria cannot clear the virus from the body in a short time, they increase the possibility of being cleared depending on the years. HPV vaccines, which have also been applied to men in recent years, provide a high level of protection. Vaccines determined to have the ability to kill the virus cannot prevent transmission, but they can eliminate the cancer-causing effect of HPV.”


The Alpha-glucan-loaded Active Hexose Correlation Compound obtained after the fermentation of Shiitake mushroom grown in Japan can help clear the HPV virus from the body by strengthening the immune system. kiss. Dr. Miraç Turan said, “Interventions on warts destroy the wart, but it does not destroy the HPV virus that causes warts. There is no drug that can destroy the HPV virus. For this, it is very valuable for patients to keep their immune system strong after the warts are removed. At this point, AHCC can prevent the recurrence of warts by supporting HPV clearance in patients.”

In a study, it was observed that 1 gram of AHCC supplementation per day for 6 months can ensure that the HPV virus is cleared from the body by 45 percent. It was observed that 66.7% of the HPV virus was cleared when used for 6 months by increasing the daily use measure to 3 grams per day, and about 70% of those who used it for 12 months were cleared.

kiss. Dr. Miraç Turan stated that he recommended AHCC to HPV patients during the follow-up period to prevent recurrence of warts by ensuring HPV removal after wart removal processes.


Kiss. Dr. Miraç Turan said, “The fact that sexual contact is full or superficial is enough for the virus to be transmitted. The use of condoms during intercourse does not eliminate the possibility of transmission of the virus. Moreover, the latest research shows that the virus can be transmitted not only sexually, but also through hand contact or oral sex, and we observe that the virus has become stronger in recent years and increases the possibility of causing cancer. At this point, instead of acting on their own, individuals should hand over the treatment process of the disease to competent hands by choosing an experienced urologist. Under the guidance of an experienced urologist, who plays the role of a consultant, the risk of cancer can be prevented with active treatment techniques that leave minimal damage and scars in the genital area.

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