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Censorship for the 3rd season of ‘The Boys’ by Amazon Prime Turkey

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The 3rd season of the fantastic hero series ‘The Boys’ has started on the digital streaming platform Amazon Prime Display. Amazon Prime Turkey, on the other hand, censored some scenes of the first 3 episodes of the series, both in the visuals and in the subtitles and voiceovers.

Censorships Containing Nudity

According to the news of Lost Dock, scenes containing nudity were censored in a scene in the first part of the series. Looking at the foreign version of the scene, it was seen that no random blur effect was applied.


In addition to the scenes containing nudity, the platform transferred the two scenes that took place during a conversation between the characters of Homelander and Starlight in the 3rd period 3 part, both in the voiceover and subtitle part, with censorship. In the first of the scenes, Homelander uses the term ‘Fucking Muslim’ while addressing Starlight, who is trying to introduce a Muslim hero into the group.

In the scene on Amazon Prime Turkey, this part was translated by censoring profanity. It was also stated that the character’s voice was turned down during the abusive scenes during the brand new voiceover.

In another scene, the Homelander character again says, “Captain Al-Qaeda? He uses the phrase “We’re Americans”. In the Turkish subtitles and dubbing of the stage, the name of El Düstur was changed and “Captain El? We are Americans” was used in the form.


The 3rd term “The Boys”, which was censored in Amazon Prime Turkey, was also subjected to similar sanctions in India. It is not yet known whether the censorship in the scenes in question was requested by the Ministry of Culture or RTÜK, or whether the Amazon was censored as a result of a decision taken by itself compared to the countries.

It is not clear now, according to what criteria Amazon Prime Video Turkey changed the parts of The Boys, which is broadcast as 18+ and stands out with its ‘extreme’ scenes.

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