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Cem Yılmaz marked İKSV’s 50th anniversary gala: ‘I’m asking my billionaire friends…’

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Continuing its activities in the field of culture and arts without making a profit, Istanbul Foundation for Culture and Arts (İKSV) celebrates its 50th anniversary in 2022 with special events. On this special anniversary, İKSV also organized a special gala night to raise funds for its efforts to support art production.

The fund, which will be created with donations collected for participation in the gala, will be used to support the productions of young artists who will take part in the festivities in the coming years.

According to Haberturk; At the İKSV 50th Anniversary Special Gala, a reinforcement race was held by Christie’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses, to contribute to the Pavilion of Turkey at the Venice Biennale.


İKSV Board of Directors Leader Bülent Eczacıbaşı expressed his satisfaction to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation.

Eczacıbaşı said:

“Fifty years have passed since İKSV, which started its work in 1972 with the embodiment of a dream of Nejat Eczacıbaşı, organized the first Istanbul Festival. As İKSV, we have left valuable traces in the past fifty years of Turkey’s cultural and artistic life. Our goal now is to leave a mark on the future of culture and art. Just like tonight, we want to support new art productions in solidarity with different stakeholders. Another focus of ours is the youth…

It is very important for young people to dream, develop themselves, enrich their world, and therefore participate in cultural life. We know that a society nourished by culture and art is a happy society at the same time. Cultural institutions have a very valuable mission to reach a colorful, polyphonic Turkey with strong international ties, hope for the future and making a name for itself with its productivity and creativity. Our strongest resource in this direction is the youth.”


In his speech, Eczacıbaşı thanked all the people, institutions and organizations that supported the night and said, “İKSV is here thanks to you, your precious friends, people, institutions and organizations that have put culture and art in the middle of their priorities, Tulip Card members, audiences, and artists. We are very pleased to celebrate our fiftieth anniversary with you, and we sincerely believe that together we will carry İKSV to the future in the most appropriate form.”


Cem Yılmaz, who took the stage at the invitation, made the audience laugh with his jokes.

The famous comedian, in the night, said, “Art and culture, just like Halit Ergenç said, brings things to light that never come to mind. Look, both you and us are in the middle here. This is very strange. That’s why I’m asking my billionaire friends today, please don’t buy those 5 works that will go on sale. These comfortable millionaires should also buy something… What kind of activity is this!” he joked.


A reinforcement race was also held at the İKSV 50th Anniversary Special Gala to raise funds for the Venice Biennale Turkish Pavilion, which the foundation has since 2007.

The works donated by Cevdet Erek, Ayşe Erkmen, İnci Eviner, Ali Kazma and Sarkis, who were previously in the Turkish Pavilion, took part in the reinforcement race, which was managed by Christie’s, one of the world’s leading auction houses.

C19.O¨ by Cevdet Erek. 2019 – C19.S. 1 Chart, 2021, Ayşe Erkmen’s Collected, 2014, İnci Eviner’s First Kiss, 2022, Ali Kazma’s Line (Resistance Series), 2013 and SARKİS’ 20150 Respiro, 2022 for the Venice Biennale Turkish Pavilion in the anchor race met with art lovers.

Fundraising activities in İKSV’s 50th anniversary will continue with the international auction to be held in London on 14 October 2022 as part of the Frieze week.


The İKSV 50th Anniversary Gala Orchestra, led by Can Şengün on acoustic and electric guitars, Volkan Öktem on drums, Tolga Kılıç and Mustafa Haybat on keyboards and pianos, Alp Ersönmez on bass guitar and Bade Karakoç on vocals, entertained the guests who attended the evening .


Kenan Doğulu, who attended the night with his wife Beren Saat, answered the questions of the reporters. Doğulu said, “A very special night. İKSV is one of the leading art veins of our country… We wanted to be with them on this special day.”

Regarding the concert marathon, which started recently, the singer said, “It is an incredible feeling to give a concert, to dance on the stage at my concerts and to see the response from the audience. We are all trapped in our homes during the pandemic process. Now these concerts come to me and my loved ones as therapy. I have concerts in Bursa and Antalya soon. Now it’s time to shed the wolves!” she spoke in.

Saat said, “I can’t give a clear date yet. I’m still working on it, but my fans should know that it will be worth their wait and they will love it…”

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