‘Card shopping’ decision from BRSA

The Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) has implemented a new regulation with the aim of reducing the amount of paper used in POS devices.

Within the scope of the regulation, card users who do not want to receive paper slips in card shopping transactions will be able to receive and store these documents digitally.

The regulation made by the BRSA will be implemented by 1 September 2023 at the latest for transactions made in cases where the issuing bank and the issuing bank are the same, and by 1 December 2023 at the latest for transactions made in cases where the card issuing bank and the card issuing bank are different. will begin.

As the use of paper and documents will decrease with the implementation of the regulation, benefits such as reducing service costs, saving time and reducing carbon footprint will be achieved. The said regulation is also of great importance for the green economy, which aims at sustainable development without harming the environment.


Card users who want to buy digital slips instead of paper slips will be able to give their approval for their preferences through the banks’ mobile applications and internet banking channels. By banks to card users ” I do not want to receive slips below the contactless transaction limit.“, ” I don’t want to get slip in any transaction” And ” I want to get slip in all my transactions“, three options will be offered and customers will be able to change these preferences at any time with the same method.

After the customers use the card, the digital slip, which is exactly the same as the paper slip, will be instantly transmitted to the customers through banking applications. In addition, it will be possible for customers to query, view and share the documents of the transactions they have carried out in the last 6 months through banking applications, thus making it easier to track banking transactions.


By issuing paper slips electronically, 17 trees in nature will be saved for every 1 ton of slips. Thus, digital slip application will make a very important contribution to nature in this aspect, instead of paper slips that cannot be recycled due to the chemicals it contains.

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