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CanKan: “We are back…”

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CanKan, one of the most legendary bands, which has made a place in our memory with their legendary music such as “Yar Yar”, “Yar Yar”, returned to its old days with Malik Ayhan.

ISTANBUL (IGFA)- With their new music, they are taking the social media by storm with the support of their fans. With Fatih Abb and Malik Ayhan, CanKan – CanKan Pink, which has managed to become one of the most legendary sets of our music history, brought their new music “Yana Yana” together with their fans under the label of DMC&Yaşar Kekeva Plak.

The legendary group, who shared their new music with their fans on their social media accounts, also gave their message to the world by saying “We are back, we will be happy if the world returns to normal :))”.

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