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Canada and Denmark reach agreement on an island in the Arctic

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Canada and Denmark have agreed to divide Hans Island.

Canadian Northern Affairs Minister Dan Vandal announced that the conflict between the two countries, which has been going on for nearly 50 years, has ended with the agreement reached.

The Canadian government has issued an executive order confirming the treaty reached on Hans Island in the Arctic.

Vandal, “Negotiations have been going on for a long time. What is valuable is that the agreement has been made.” he said he

Minister Vandal said that the agreement will be signed with a ceremony to be held later today and that he will attend the ceremony.

The island, which consists of a large rock module with an area of ​​1.3 square kilometers in the north-west of Greenland, has been the subject of decades of disputes diplomatics as it enters the territorial waters of both countries.

Hans Island rises 180 meters vertically from the icy waters midway between Canada and Greenland. The fact that both countries are exactly 18 kilometers away from the island allows them to assert their rights on the island according to international law.

The dispute over Hans Island dates back to 1973, when Canada and Denmark tried to establish a border over the Nares Strait waterway.

Canada planted a flag on the island in 1984 and left a bottle of Canadian whiskey. Later in the day, Denmark’s Minister for Greenlandic Affairs visited the island by helicopter, planting a Danish flag. He also left a Danish drink under the flagpole and a note saying “You’re welcome to Denmark Island”.

The Danish Arctic Ocean patrol vessel erected a flagpole on the island in 1988 and built a mound with the Danish flag on it.

Canadian geologists who mapped northern Ellesmere Island landed on Hans Island in 2001.

In a symbolic move, Canadian Defense Minister Bill Graham took a walk on Hans Island in 2005. A week before Secretary Graham set foot on the island, the Canadian Forces placed the Canadian flag and plaque. Protesting this development, Denmark recalled its Canadian ambassador.

In the same year, both countries agreed to reopen negotiations on the island, saying “it’s time to stop the flag war”.

Experts describe the agreement as a symbolic move to show a united front against Russia’s attack on Ukraine.

The agreement also means that Canada shares a land border with Denmark for the first time.

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