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Campaign invitation from TESK for domestic tourism

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The General Leader of the Confederation of Turkish Tradesmen and Craftsmen (TESK), Bendevi Palandöken, stated that campaigns should be organized to mobilize domestic tourism against the possibility of a decrease in the number of foreign tourists this year, due to the economic brought by the Covid-19 epidemic and the war in the region.

Palandöken, in his written statement, stated that there is a need to develop accommodation facilities in tourism and to increase the number and quality of facilities.

Pointing out that tourism is one of the most valuable pillars of development, Palandöken used the following words:

“With the effect of the economic crisis caused by the two-year-old pandemic and the war in our region, against the possibility of a decrease in the number of foreign tourists this year. Campaigns should be made to mobilize domestic tourism. For this, varieties, hotels and arrangements should offer more suitable opportunities to local tourists.”

Palandöken stated that boutique hotels are valuable in terms of achieving the goals set in tourism, and said:

“With the prestige of the end of this year, reaching the goal of 42 million tourists and 35 billion dollars is not a problem. Especially after the pandemic, people are calmer. “The tendency to stay in smaller places has brought about an increase in boutique hotels. For this, tradesmen should be supported by reducing the taxes paid both at the opening and during the service, such as the accommodation tax.”

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