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Bursa will find its way to Gemlik with ‘urban transformation’

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The “Gemlik Reconstruction” project, which was promoted by the Mayor of Gemlik Municipality Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan in Bursa and awarded as the “Most Sufficient Urban Design Project” by the Ministry of Environment Urbanization and Climate Change and the Urban Transformation Foundation, continues rapidly.

BURSA (IGFA) – Hundreds of beneficiaries are informed and pre-conciliation agreements are signed every day at the Urban Transformation Reconciliation Office, which was opened by the local municipality in Bursa’s Gemlik district in Balıkpazarı Neighborhood.

The historical bath on Alemdar Street, one of the historical settlements of Gemlik, was turned into the Urban Transformation Reconciliation Office by making the necessary arrangements. In the office opened to service, all details about the Gemlik Again project are shared with the people of Gemlik in a transparent manner.

In the Urban Transformation Reconciliation Office, there are three municipal employees, an assistant, a municipal police officer and an assistant, and three workers who will carry out urban transformation activities. On the ground floor of the two-floor office, there are detailed images, presentations and visuals about the project. Here, citizens are informed about the project.

On the second floor of the office, the beneficiaries are given detailed information about the project and what will be done, and preliminary reconciliation contracts are signed. The beneficiaries are informed about the residences they own and the square meters of the new flats that they can purchase without paying when the project is realized, and the dimensions they will pay if they want to buy a larger flat. In addition, the positions of the flats that the compromised beneficiaries will receive in the project are also determined. In this way, the images, if any, of the people of Gemlik, who will own apartments in the nearest places to their former residences, are preserved.

Gemlik Mayor Mehmet Uğur Sertaslan said, “We will always build together the Gemlik that we miss.” He invited the beneficiaries to the reconciliation office.

Mayor Sertaslan said that they will start urban transformation works in the coming months.

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