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Bursa Karacabey is growing, developing, becoming ‘Global’ with huge investments! Big investment for the future with small savings

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Karacabey, on the west side of Bursa, is growing with TEKNOSAB investments as well as being a tourism and accessible city. Global Net Investment consultants, with their 35 years of experience, offer profitable land investments to investors in the developing and growing region.

BURSA (IGFA) – Karacabey, the most developed region of Bursa in recent years, also attracts the attention of investors. TEKNOSAB project comes first among the investments made in the region.

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that this investment, which will contribute 100 quadrillion to the economy of Bursa and Turkey, will provide job opportunities for 150 thousand individuals, and that the project, located at the end of Karacabey district and expected to make a great contribution to the future goals of our country with an export of 40 billion dollars, is very important in reaching Turkey’s 2023 goals. he stated that it was of great importance.

BTSO Board of Directors Leader İbrahim Burkay said that giant companies aim to invest in Bursa Technology Organized Industrial Zone (TEKNOSAB), which is planned for 25 billion dollars investment and 40 billion dollars export.


Karacabey region, which has attracted the attention of domestic and foreign investors, has also become the apple of the eye of investors who want to gain profit by investing their savings.

Global Net Investment Specialist Bilal Sancak pointed out that the investment to be made on the ground in Karacabey, the developing region of Bursa, is valuable, and said, “The development of the region, which is expected to migrate to 1 million in total with 150 thousand employments, is very clear with TEKNOSAB made to the region. The housing requirement of the region is also a situation that needs to be analyzed quickly. Investors who will make their investment in this region will have a good interest with consultants who can guide them to the truth. As Global Net Investment, with its 35 years of experience and expert advisor team, we offer our customers reliable, accurate and beneficial investments.”


Global Net Valuation and Investment Specialist Cüneyt Edge pointed out that unproductive land in the world is always a faithful investment and said, “In Bursa, which has turned into a growing and developing metropolis, the most admired investment in the growth trend of immigration due to factors such as industry, housing and tourism is land and land. . As the human population increases, the land per capita will decrease. Any time that is scarce and does not produce will be expensive. Therefore, the land investment always earns its investor more than other investments. Bursa, Turkey’s door opening to Anatolia, neighbor to Istanbul with its geographical position and border, is growing towards the west as it is the case all over the world. Bursa Karacabey region, being the growing west side of the city, is the biggest investment region of the future where giant projects such as TEKNOSAB and the highway that brought civilization are combined.


Pointing out that Global Net Investment, with its experience, expert team, safe investments and analysis affiliates they have made so far, and the strength it takes from its name, Cüneyt Edge pointed out that for 35 years, it has brought investors together with interest and real investments, and said, “We have a team of experts in the real estate department. With the plans we make on a national basis, we focus on development regions. In this regard, we turn the development of regions into predictable investments within the scope of plan-project by getting professional support from city planners, survey engineers, appraisal experts. Our investors can follow all our 35 years of work from past to present on our website”.

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