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Bursa contacts of Ümit Özdağ

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General Leader of the Victory Party Dr. Ümit Özdağ was enthusiastically welcomed in Bursa, where his party came for the provincial congress, and in İnegöl.

Tarık ŞEKER / BURSA (IGFA) – Victory Party Bursa Provincial Congress was held with the participation of General Leader Prof. Dr. Ümit Özdağ and many Deputy General Leaders, Provincial and District Leaders and members.

Founding Provincial Leader Halil İbrahim Aydın handed over the flag to the newly elected leader Adem Şimşek.

The chairman of the council was the General Secretary of the Victory Party, Cezmi Polat, and the members of the council were Deputy General Leaders İsmail Türk, Canan Çakır, Adem Taşkaya, Ankara Province Leader Tuğba Demirbağ, Gemlik District Leader Nilüfer Toprakçı, Nilüfer District Leader Işıl Esgin and Province Manager Şaban Abuşoğlu. .

Özdağ, who went to İnegöl for the opening of the İnegöl District building after the congress, in which the Gemlik district organization also provided high participation, was met with the heavy interest and love of the citizens there.

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