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Bulgaria to deport 70 Russian diplomats

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Bulgaria will deport 70 diplomats of the Russian Federation stationed in Sofia.

“We expect a Russian 70-capacity plane to depart for Moscow on Sunday with a full load,” Petkov told reporters in parliament. he said.

Stating that they will send back 70 diplomats, each of whom works in favor of foreign interests, Petkov said, “While most of these individuals were working for other information gathering services, they only used their diplomatic armor ‘as a cover’. We also make our stance clear when a foreign attempt to interfere in our internal affairs. Our attitude is not an attitude towards the Russian people.” he said he.


Since the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine, Bulgaria-Russia relations have come to a freezing point.

Russian Ambassador Eleonora Mitrofanova compared Bulgaria’s effort for sovereignty from the Ottoman Empire to the war launched by Russia against Ukraine on the 3 March National Day, which celebrates the end of the Ottoman-Russian war and the 144th anniversary of Bulgaria’s independence.

Then, the Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs presented Mitrofanova with a note containing a list of some diplomats declared persona non grata.

Despite the Russian Federation’s strong lobby in Bulgaria, Bulgaria has since 2021 expelled more than 10 Russian diplomats “for spying” in the country.

Prime Minister Kiril Petkov told reporters in April that while the number of Bulgarian diplomats in Moscow has fallen below 10, Moscow has at least 114 diplomats in Sofia.

The Bulgarian press argued that after this breakthrough, which is expected to halve the number of diplomats in the Russian embassy, ​​relations between the two countries are expected to be paralyzed.

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