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BTSO: “The customs problem with Malaysia has been resolved

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Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) Administrative Board Leader İbrahim Burkay stated that the companies doing business with Malaysia conveyed their grievances at the customs point to the Minister of Commerce Mehmet Muş, and said that the customs issue in trade was resolved with the initiatives .

BURSA (IGFA) – Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry June Assembly Meeting was held at the Chamber Service Building.

Speaking at the meeting, BTSO Executive Committee Leader İbrahim Burkay said that the global economy has been experiencing a difficult period for the last three years.

Noting that in a period when the effects of the pandemic on social and economic life decreased, unpredictable increases occurred in commodity and power costs, especially in logistics, Burkay drew attention to the fact that this situation led to an increase in producer prices. Noting that the grounds presented to the real department in this period are of great importance, Leader Burkay said, “This process is not unique to our country. Inflation is the common problem of the whole world. In Europe and America, very different policies are applied to strive with high inflation. All economies are trying to get out of this process, taking into account their own realities. Trade wars and the ongoing war conditions in our nearby geography make this process even more difficult. It is valuable that the break and change in the supply chain bring Turkey forward, but we need to be able to survive in order to seize these opportunities. It is necessary to increase the competitiveness of our companies with the basis of truth.” he said he.

“Stockism is now done by the states.” Leader Burkay said, emphasizing the difficulties experienced in trade with Melazia.


Noting that as BTSO, they are working to eliminate the issues in front of the branches, Leader Burkay said, “The decisions taken by our committees are our most valuable guide. When we convey these decisions in real form, we also get the results. We recently experienced this in the case of Malaysia. Our companies doing business with Malaysia were facing a very big problem. Only Bursa had 6 thousand documents. The economic cost of this for our companies would have reached 600-700 million liras. We discussed this issue during the visit of our Minister of Commerce, Mr. Mehmet Mus, to Bursa this month. Minister Çavuşoğlu stated that arrangements would be made, and thankfully, he resolved the issue within a week. Our companies have been saved from a long legal process and financial burden. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our Minister once again.” he said.

Stating that BTSO members continue to work to evaluate the opportunities in global trade, Burkay noted that the UR-GE projects they carry out with the support of the Ministry of Commerce provide valuable advantages to the companies.


On the other hand, BTSO Assembly Leader Ali Uğur stated that companies from all departments are working to expand their business and to increase the competitiveness of all members.

Noting that they have implemented very valuable projects, especially for export, Uğur said, “Our companies, which did not leave the cities before, do not fit into the world, so to speak. Last month, our furniture sector representatives were at the furniture fair in Italy. A delegation of 135 people departed for Uzbekistan this evening as part of our 5 different UR-GE projects. “Next week, our weaving branch representatives will also be in Paris for Premiere Vision and Texworld Fairs. We will continue to mobilize all our means so that our members can use the opportunities that arise in global trade in the most appropriate way.”

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