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British Prime Minister Johnson’s seat in danger: vote of confidence will be held in parliament

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson may be in his last hours in office.

For Boris Johnson, who appeared to have organized many parties during the corona virus quarantines in the country, a vote of confidence will be held today in the evening.

Following the events called Partygate (Party Scandal) in the country’s press, Prime Minister Johnson was invited to resign.

The opposition Labor Party was pressing Prime Minister Johnson. However, according to the latest claims in the country’s press, the Conservative Party executives, to whom Johnson is affiliated, have also given up supporting him.


Following the news of the vote of confidence, a statement was made from Johnson’s office. The vote of confidence from the Prime Minister’s office was considered a chance to end months of speculation.

If Johnson wins tonight’s vote of no confidence, there will be no more no-confidence polls for the next year.

If Prime Minister Johnson loses roll call, his government will fall out of mission.

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