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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will have a vote of confidence in his party’s parliament cluster tonight

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For Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who is under pressure to resign due to the parties held at the Prime Minister’s Residence during the coronavirus restrictions in the UK, a vote of confidence will be held in the parliamentary cluster of the Conservative Party, which he is the chairman of tonight.

The voting is expected to take place in the middle of 20.00-22.00 Turkish time.

If Johnson loses the vote, he has to resign.

Voting will be based on closed ballot and easy majority.

If all 359 Conservative MPs vote, Johnson would need at least 180 votes to stay in the mission.

Boris Johnson was found after a police investigation for attending some parties held at the Prime Minister’s Residence.

If Johnson loses the vote, the Conservative Party’s new president will also be the UK’s new prime minister and form the government.

If Johnson wins the vote, the same voting cannot be held for 1 year, according to the current rules of the Conservative Party.

For voting, at least 15 percent (54) of the party’s deputies had to make a written request.

It was announced this morning that the 15 percent threshold for voting had been crossed, but it was not specified how many MPs wanted to vote.

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