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Bread price statement from the Leader of the Turkish Bakers Federation

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Halil İbrahim Balcı, the leader of the Turkish Bakers Federation, made a statement regarding the arguments that “Bread is 5 lira in Istanbul”, which has been on the agenda recently.

At the “Vocational Valuation and Consultation Meeting” held in Samsun, Balcı said, “Last week, bread was applied for 5 liras in 3 districts of Istanbul. We mentioned that the illegal practice is not real. The maximum bread kilogram price in Turkey is 20 liras.You 200 grams.If you sell bread for 5 liras, it is over 20 liras.We mentioned that our colleagues will return from this mistake and that this illegal practice will not be sustainable.I said that they will return from this mistake with their prestige this week. As a result of the work done, the application of 5 liras in these 3 districts comes to an end as of Monday. ” he said.

Stressing that the price may be different in some provinces due to the gram difference, but certainly nowhere in Turkey, the kilogram price will not exceed 20 liras, Balcı continued:

“As in all of Turkey, the price of bread per kilogram will not exceed a maximum of 20 liras in these 3 districts and in all of Istanbul. In February, the rumors ‘Bread price will be 6 liras, 7 liras, 10 liras’ and the words that would make our people uneasy were not true. We are in the middle of June. Bread is the cheapest basic food item. Since this can continue and we think that this process is discontinuous, our baker shopkeepers show the necessary sensitivity by making sacrifices.However, in order to ensure the continuation of this, what needs to be done in dialogue with the relevant ministries has always been done. Although we say, ‘There is no 5 lira price on our agenda,’ in July, if there is a significant change in the prices of the employees, that is, in the minimum price, or if there is an increase in electricity prices, a privilege should be granted to the businesses that produce bread.


Balcı pointed out that the support in flour continued with the instruction of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and said:

“If the support in flour had not continued in June with the instruction of our President, even 5 liras would not be able to save bakers’ shopkeepers today. In other words, bread could be 5 lira or more than 5 lira. I would like to thank our President for the continued support in flour in this sensitive period. Today, bread could not be saved. We can keep it at this price. That is, a kilogram does not exceed 20 liras at the most, we sell 200 grams of bread for 4 liras. I hope that we will continue to be sensitive until the process is completed, just as we have been sensitive in the process we came to. How we have brought this process up to now with the regulations, our next goal will be to conclude it in a healthy way.”

Balcı said that if there is a change in the items that will cause trouble for the bakers, Balcı said that they will work for the analysis. The Bakers Federation, which is an institution, will make a statement on this matter. Nobody should read intent on the price of bread.

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