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Boat maintenance equipment for 285 fishermen in Kocaeli

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KOCAELİ (IGFA) – Within the scope of the project of supporting small-scale fishermen, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality provided boat maintenance equipment to 285 fishermen under 12 meters with classical systems, green license and blue card registered.

Hereke Prof. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Tahir Büyükakın, Gulf Municipality Leader Şener Söğüt, Chamber of Shipping Kocaeli Branch Leader Vedat Doğusel, Kocaeli Port Leader Erol Ekmekçi, Kocaeli Water Works Cooperatives Union Leader Ali Sarı, fishermen’s cooperatives, regional headmen and fishermen. Speaking at the material distribution ceremony, Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Tahir Büyükakın said, “I hope that the material aid we provide will relieve you a bit.”

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Leader Tahir Büyükakın stated that fishermen are the most affected by the mucilage problem that has emerged in recent times, and said, “I hope this supplement will relieve you.”

Talking about the effort with mucilage, Büyükakın said, “The problem of mucilage was a problem related to global warming. When we had the mucilage problem, we sat down and thought. As part of the effort with mucilage, we worked in the Gulf. We came to a middle with the whole Marmara region and took steps to remove the ghost nets in the sea. The reinforcement we give is not very big actually. We know fishing since childhood. It is not a very enjoyable job for those who do this job professionally. Conversely, it’s a very tedious job. Will the reinforcement package we will make save you, no. But it will give you some relief. The period is starting, I hope it will be a good and fruitful period,” he said.

Kocaeli Waterworks Cooperatives Union Leader Ali Sarı said, “Our friends who bring the purest and strongest fish to our citizens in our region are here. Our fishermen friends have greatly due to the pandemic and mucilage. I hope our friends will spend a more adequate period with this help. I would like to thank our Metropolitan Municipality very much,” he said.

Gulf Municipality Leader Şener Söğüt, who took part in the reinforcement package distribution program for the fishermen, also thanked the Metropolitan Municipality for the reinforcements he provided.

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