BİSAM announced: The hunger limit was 9 thousand 814 liras in April

United Metal-İş Class Research Center (BİSAM) announced the hunger and poverty line data for the period of April 2023.

Accordingly, the cost of a healthy and balanced diet in Turkey was 327 liras per day, and the hunger limit was 9 thousand 814 liras.

According to TUIK (Turkish Statistical Institute) index figures according to expenditure groups, item prices in 2003, Istanbul Halk Ekmek, chain market current month internet prices, and BİSAM Nutrition Pattern, the monthly expenditure for a family of four to have a healthy and balanced diet is in April. It was 9 thousand 814 liras for 2023.

This amount of expenditure is only the minimum amount that should be made for food. According to the results of the calculations based on household consumption expenditures over the hunger limit, the poverty line was 33 thousand 948 liras.


The most costly consumption item among the daily expenditure of 327 lira was the amount of milk and dairy products that a young person between the ages of 10-18 should consume, with 32 liras.

In April 2023, the highest cost group in daily expenditures was the milk and dairy products group, with an expenditure requirement of 114.78 TL. The minimum amount of expenditure required for the meat, chicken and fish group was 70.05 liras.

The amount of daily expenditure required for vegetables and fruits reached 54.93 liras. The amount of expenditure required for bread was 23.4 liras per day. Solid fat and oil were the product groups that required a cost of 19.19 lira. It was calculated that 7.81 liras should be spent for eggs and 9.13 liras for sugar, honey, jam and molasses.

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