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Bilateral metro tender from IMM

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The tender will be renewed for the construction of 2 metro lines, whose physical progress cannot exceed 15 percent, which is behind the determined completion schedule. Kaynarca – Pendik – Tuzla and Kirazlı – Halkalı Metro construction companies will be replaced by the existing contractors. Tender will be held again for 2 metro lines. Instead of the insufficient existing companies, contractor companies that will do the job faster will be determined and invited to the field.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – The companies that undertook the construction of both metro borders did not fulfill their responsibilities on time. IMM will do its part to ensure that the works are not left unfinished, that the public will not be harmed, that the most valuable 16 million people of Istanbul are not usurped. Bids will be renewed as soon as possible.


In order for the two Metro Projects to continue and not to waste time, the tender process will be started again quickly. According to the result of the tender, the necessary rules will be provided for the construction to start quickly from where it left off with the new contractor companies. In order to prevent the loss of time that will arise, the necessary rules will be established to accelerate new production works.


Physical field progress in January 2018 was only 0.2%. Due to the lack of funds and the inability to obtain credit, the production works completely stopped. In February 2020, the production works of the line started again with a loan of € 86 million from the French Development Bank. With this budget, the construction of the 1st STAP “Pendik Center-Kaynarca Center-Fevzi Çakmak and Tavşantepe Station-Kaynarca Central Station Section”, which is 4.9 km long and consists of 2 stations, continued rapidly. With the issuance of Eurobonds in December 2020, an additional € 34 million was provided for the project, and all financial requirements for the 1st STAGE were completed. The border construction, whose physical progress was increased to 30 percent, was planned to be completed by the end of 2023. The 1st Stage of the metro manufacturing work, which was delayed for about 3 years from the tender and site delivery process in 2017, was completed without any interruptions or pauses, without any further delays, and it was completed in line with the 2023 opening purpose. The value and priority of commissioning and the public benefit it will create were communicated in writing.


Although the site was delivered in 2017, the physical field progress was 2.5% in January 2018. With the issuance of bonds with a price of 170 Million Euros in December 2020, the manufacturing works of the border were started again. With this budget, the construction works of the 1st Stage “Kirazlı, Barbaros, Malazgirt, Mimar Sinan and Fatih Station Section”, which is 4.2 km long and consists of 4 stations, started again in February 2021. The physical field progress of the 10 km long line consisting of 9 stations was increased to approximately 8%. However, the contractor company slowed down the works in the field in the last period.

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