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“Biden’s top advisers are in Saudi Arabia for oil talks” thesis

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According to the news of Axios, based on US officials, the US Leader Joe Biden administration took a step to increase oil production in the world and to strengthen the links between Washington and Riyadh.

It is stated that Brett McGurk, Middle East Director of the White House National Security Council and Amos Hochstein, Undersecretary of State for Power, are currently making a covert visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss an oil deal between Saudi Arabia, Israel and Egypt.

It was reported in the news that Biden was considering going to Saudi Arabia as part of his visit to the Middle East at the end of June.

In addition, it was argued that Biden, when he took office, expressed his desire to isolate Saudi Arabia from the world, but he again got closer to Saudi Arabia due to the oil crisis that emerged with the Russia-Ukraine war.

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