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Biden’s reaction to the Supreme Court’s abortion decision: It took us back 150 years

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“It is a sad day for the Court and the country,” said US Leader Joe Biden, following the US Supreme Court’s annulment of its decision on abortion.

Biden gave a speech at the White House after the Supreme Court overturned the 1973 “Roe-Wade decision” that constitutionally guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide.

Noting that this decision is an “important moment” in the history of the country, Biden said, “Today, the Supreme Court took away the constitutional right of the American people. It is a sad day for our country and the court.” she used the terms.

Biden said that the court’s decision did not limit the rights of women, but they were taken away completely, adding, “Right now, the Roe decision is no more. Let me be frank; the health and life of the women of this country are now under threat.” she commented


Emphasizing that he will do his best to protect women’s rights, Biden said, “State provisions prohibiting abortion have come into effect automatically today. They endanger the lives of millions of women. It is very unfortunate to a woman for protecting punishing her health.” he said he

Pointing out that his powers are limited, Biden invited Congress to recognize abortion as a federal right.

Referring to the ongoing protests in front of the Supreme Court, Biden said, “No matter how much you care about this issue, let your protests be peaceful. Do not intimidate anyone. Violence is never acceptable. Threats or intimidation are not freedom of expression . We must stand against all forms of violence.” shared his review.


The US Supreme Court today annulled the 1973 “Roe-Wade decision” that constitutionally guaranteed the right to abortion nationwide.

With the decision, abortion ceased to be a constitutional right, and the laws on this issue were left to the states’ own initiative.


The US political broadcaster “Politico” published the decision in question in May, and the Supreme Court confirmed the accuracy of the news.

The American media emphasized that a decision to be announced by the Supreme Court on this side would have an earthquake effect in the country and the political division would increase even more.

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