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Biden appreciated his visit to Saudi Arabia in an article he wrote for the Washington Post

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Biden wrote an article for the Washington Post entitled “Why am I going to Saudi Arabia”.

Pointing out that his visit to Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia on 13-16 July is valuable for both the region and the interests of the United States, Biden said, “Next week, we will start a more promising era in the Middle East for America’s liaison in the region. I’m going to.” he used his word.

Pointing out that a more faithful Middle East is in America’s interest in many bets, Biden noted that he will carry out heavy diplomacy and face-to-face meetings in order to achieve the goals during his visit.

Noting that the Middle East, which he will be visiting now, is much more stable and faithful than when he took office 18 months ago, Biden said that the withdrawal of the previous President Donald Trump from the nuclear agreement with Iran caused this country to increase its nuclear efforts and to return Iran to this agreement. He said that they will continue their diplomatic work for


Noting that they have finished the “open deed” policy Saudi Arabia, Biden reminded regarding that they published the intelligence report on the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi and that they imposed sanctions on 76 people in this regard.

Stating that Saudi Arabia is currently reinforcing the ceasefire in Yemen and working with OPEC producers to stabilize the oil markets, he said, “From the data beginning, my aim was to re-direct relations with a country (Saudi Arabia), which has been our strategic partner for 80 years, to break these interests. It wasn’t.” made its assessment.

Noting that he knew that many people opposed his visit and that human rights would always be on the agenda of both Israel, the West Bank and Saudi Arabia, Biden used the following terms:

“As President, it’s my job to keep our country strong and faithful. We must stand up to Russia’s aggression, position ourselves in the right place for effort with China, work for more stability for the whole world. In order to do all of this , we must work directly with countries that can contribute to these outcomes. “Saudi Arabia is one of those countries. When I meet with Saudi presidents on Friday, my goal will be to strengthen our strategic partnership based on common interests and responsibilities.”


Noting that he will be the first leader to travel by plane from Israel to Jeddah on Friday, Biden said that this trip will be a symbol of the restoration of ties between Israel and the Arab world.

Pointing out that there are still problems in the Middle East such as Iran’s nuclear program, Syrian civil war, food security crisis, terrorism, political problems and human rights in Iraq, Libya and Lebanon, Biden said that he will explain the value of making progress on these issues during his visit.

Biden also stated that he hopes to increase stability and security in the Middle East. He ended his article with his words.

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