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Beware of the ‘legionnaires’ bacteria emitted from the air conditioner!

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Air conditioners and ventilations that are opened to cool off in the summer can prepare a place for some diseases. Experts said that people caught summer pneumonia as a result of the reproduction of some microorganisms called ‘legionnaires’ from air conditioners. Stating that this disease can be fatal, especially in those with chronic diseases, Chest Diseases Specialist. prof. Dr. Sevket Ozkaya warned.

Özkaya said, “When people take ‘legionnaires’ bacteria into their lungs with the ventilation of air conditioners, they catch the disease we call ‘air conditioning pneumonia’ or ‘summer pneumonia’. We know that especially those with chronic diseases, asthma, COPD and cancer patients can have fatal consequences if they are affected by pneumonia this summer.


Informing Prof. Dr. Özkaya said, “As it is known, after the pandemic ends, we will experience the first summer without masks. We are living in the first summer when the mask ban has been lifted, especially in public areas and public transportation. Let’s not forget this: Our lungs work like the air filter of the environment we are in. A person inhales, cleans and returns half a liter of air around him in one breath. Considering that each breath is half a liter, if you calculate that a normal person breathes 20 thousand times a day, a healthy person takes 10 thousand liters of air into the lungs and gives it back. Our lungs filter 10 thousand liters of air. This brings some difficulties.

– Especially with the removal of the mask ban, there are some bacteria that reproduce in the filters of air conditioners in closed areas, hotels, hospitals, workplaces, shopping malls, and cruises where air conditioners and central ventilation are actively used. In particular, the first of these is a bacterium we call legionnaires. When people take these bacteria into their lungs with the ventilation of air conditioners, they catch the disease we call air conditioner pneumonia or summer pneumonia. We know that especially those with chronic diseases, those suffering from asthma, COPD, and cancer patients can be affected by pneumonia this summer and have fatal consequences.


Mentioning that air conditioners should be cleaned properly, Dr. Özkaya said, “Since the complaints are less in air-conditioning pneumonia, it may not be understood much because it progresses with mild cold symptoms such as joint pain, fever, weakness and diarrhea. It can have life-threatening consequences, especially in those with chronic diseases. With the end of the pandemic, the symptoms caused by being exposed to sudden temperature changes, being exposed to heat from cold and being exposed to air conditioners can be confused with the corona. Air conditioning should be valued. We want our people to take care of themselves, especially in closed places. As much as possible, it is necessary not to lower the air conditioning settings below 22 degrees. “I recommend that our people not be exposed to too much heat change,” he said.


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