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Baker’s revolt: 9 out of 10 customers want stale bread

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CHP Trabzon Deputy Ahmet Kaya, together with CHP Gümüşhane Provincial Leader Bedri Agac, listened to the troubles of tradesmen and citizens in Gümüşhane Kelkit. A baker Kaya visited said, “People want stale bread. 9 out of 10 customers want it stale because it’s cheap, half the price,” he said.

The baker answered, “Half and half” to the question “How many liras do you pay for stale bread?”


Kaya said, “There cannot be an obvious example of this that summarizes the situation.” The baker said, “Dear Deputy, really take care of it, it is very broken. There is no law, no control, nothing else. The end of the country has fled,” he said.

Ahmet Kaya said, “The end of the rope has run out, we will catch it and fix it.”

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