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Baby food gloom in the US: Biden enacts Defense Production Clause

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US Leader Joe Biden enacted the Defense Production Clause to relieve the burden of baby food in the country.

This means suppliers prioritize sourcing baby food factories over other customers.

“I know parents across the country are hesitant to find enough food for their babies,” Biden said.

The Defense Production Act, enacted in the USA in 1950, authorizes the Leader to require companies to sign contracts or procure orders for artifacts needed in public defense.

The law also gives the US Leader the power to control, when necessary, not to impose exorbitant prices.

Biden also introduced the Defense Manufacturing Clause for nationwide distribution of the Covid-19 vaccine in 2021.

Former Leader Donald Trump has invited to speed up the production of medical equipment during the pandemic process.

Biden also announced that he has launched an operation to transport baby foods produced in other countries and comply with US standards, to the country by planes of the Ministry of Defense.

While disruptions in the supply chain due to the Covid crisis and the war in Ukraine contributed to the formula problem, it reached a crisis point in February with the recalls that started with the reporting of disease events in babies using the formulas produced by Abbott Nutrition.

The US House of Representatives has passed two bills to help low-income families buy infant formula.

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