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Baby food crisis in the USA: ‘war period law’ is in effect to increase production

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US Leader Joe Biden signed the Defense Production Clause to eliminate the supply problem in baby food recently in the country.

In a written statement from the White House, it was stated that Biden had put into effect the Defense Production Clause with the aim of solving the supply crisis in baby food in the country.

With Biden’s signature, the production of raw materials required for formula production in the country will be accelerated and manufacturers will be given the necessary footing to accelerate baby food production.


After 4 babies became seriously ill and 2 died due to powdered baby formula, the FDA launched an investigation at Abbott’s facility in Michigan. While the factory was closed in February due to the risk of bacteria, some artifacts were recalled on the grounds that they were “unsafe”.

While families have been struggling to find baby food on the shelves in recent months due to the “baby food crisis”, which has peaked due to the disruptions in the supply chain in the USA, manufacturers also reported that they could not keep up with the heavy demand despite their full capacity work.

While betting was also on the agenda of the White House, US Leader Joe Biden had come to a meeting with the country’s largest manufacturers and retailers for the analysis of the baby food crisis.


The Defense Production Act was passed quickly before the Korean War.

The law in question authorizes the US leader to enable the private sector to produce works in urgent need of the country.

The leader, if he deems necessary, can use his authority under this law to have companies produce some reasonable materials for the emergency faced by the country.

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