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‘Babacan’ conversation with shopkeepers from Ankara

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DEVA Party General Leader Ali Babacan chatted with the shopkeepers at the market place he went to in Ankara’s Beypazarı district.

ISTANBUL (IGFA) – General Leader of the Tradesmen, Democracy and Atılım Party (DEVA) Babacan: “The nation has persecution. Life is so precious. What will it be like?” he worried. Babacan said, “They exploded the dollar rate, the whole order was broken. Everything is valued. Diesel, electricity, natural gas… Everything is valuable. But when a decent team comes to the job , it gets better quickly”.

Babacan asked the market tradesmen, “Is a dollar 1 lira, my leader?” He answered the question, “Once it is out, it does not go down, but the income increases. When we took over, the dollar was 1.5 lira. Six years later it dropped to 1.30. Income increased. The purchasing power of the citizens has increased.

When Babacan reminded him that “A quarter of gold was 70 liras” when he was in charge of the economy, it was remarkable that the shopkeepers said “We sold a kilo of pepper for 50 liras”.

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